How-To Videos

Below you will find links to the different videos that we created in order to make your next log home related project a little easier. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can provide any further assistance.





Triple Stretch & UV Guard Caulks

How to Install Backer Rod

How to Load & Clean a Chinking Gun

Using a Chinking Machine

How to Trowel Chinking

How to Chink a Round Log

How to Chink a Square Log Home

How to Corner Detail - Log Home Interior Chinking

How to Repair Your Log Home, Interior Chinking Detailing


How does Weatherall stain compare?

Cleaning Your Logs

Measuring the Moisture Content of Your Wood

Pre-Stain Treatments

Applying Log Home Stains


Applying Log Home Caulking

Sealing Around a Window

How to Caulk a Chinkless Style Log Home