Triple Stretch Textured Log Home Chinking

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  • Easy Application
  • "True" Historical Appearance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Fourteen (14) Standard Colors

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Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Product Overview: A true HISTORICAL appearance combined with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Triple Stretch Chinking expands and contracts where exceptional log movement and shrinkage are experienced. Did we mention how easy it is to apply?

Primary Uses: Exterior, Interior, Horizontal Joints, Logs and Slab Siding


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Application
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Excellent Flexibility
  • Prevents Water & Air Infiltration
  • Engineered Green Qualified- Low VOC Formula
  • Water Clean Up
  • Quick Drying
  • Nontoxic- Safe for Interior and Exterior Use.

Product PDF's:

Triple Stretch chinking can be applied with a bulk loading caulking gun, grout bag or commercial chink pump. Do not thin this product with water. Apply bead of chinking as needed to cover the joint. The applied bead should be firmly troweled into the joint edges to ensure complete edge adhesion. Use of a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water in a spray bottle will act as a release agent allowing the trowel to glide smoothly over the chinking. Do not spray release agent directly on the wood surface.

Note: UV GUARD Exterior Wood Finish, UV GUARD II Exterior Wood Finish  or LOG GUARD Interior Clear Coat should be applied prior to chinking for three reasons:

1) They act as a primer and create a better bonding surface on which to chink.
2) Pigmented stains subsequently applied will discolor chinking.
3) Maintenance coats of Clear LOG GUARD, UV GUARD or UV GUARD II will not discolor the chinking.

Triple Stretch Textured Log Home Sealant should not be applied for at least 48 hours after application of LOG GUARD Interior Clear Coat, UV GUARD Exterior Wood Finish or UV GUARD II Exterior Wood Finish.

Surface Preparation
The logs must be clean, structurally sound, dry (18% moisture content maximum) and free from any grease, paraffins, oils, petroleum distillates, urethanes or other surface contaminants that could inhibit the ability of the sealant to bond to the wood fibers. Any finish, whatever the composition, may be incompatible with the sealant system if the finish deposits a heavy film on the surface of the wood. The sealant must be able to bond to the wood fibers; therefore, use only a penetrating water-based finish prior to chinking such as Weatherall LOG GUARD® Interior Clear Coat, UV GUARD® Exterior Wood Finish or UV GUARD® II Exterior Wood Finish.

NOTE: If you are about to apply Triple Stretch Textured Log Home Sealant over a preservative or wood finish not provided by Weatherall Company, Inc., or if you are in doubt as to the compatibility of a previously applied preservative or wood finish, please contact Weatherall Technical Support prior to application of Triple Stretch Textured Log Home Sealant.

Application Temperature/Weather Conditions
Triple Stretch Textured Log Home Sealant should not be applied when temperatures are below 40° F., or when subfreezing temperatures are expected within 48 hours of application. Avoid chinking in the rain or when rain is imminent. Don’t chink on a hot surface. When chinking in very hot weather, it is recommended that the chinking be applied to the shaded side of the house.

Backer-Rod System
When applying chinking to new construction or to previously unchinked structures, it must be applied over a flat-faced, closed-cell, non-adhesive backing such as Better Backer or Grip Strip backer rod. This type of backer rod system provides several critical advantages.

1) It creates the ideal slip joint design which allows only two points of adhesion: to the wood surface at the top and bottom of the joint.
2) The edges create a wider “footprint” at the top and bottom where the chinking is in contact with the wood.
3) It provides a flat, even surface over which to tool the chinking.
4) It is water resistant and highly insulating.

NOTE: In joints less than 3/4” wide, closed-cell, polyethylene round rod may be used. In this case, it is important that a minimum chinking thickness of 1/4” be maintained over the entire surface of the joint. The effect will necessarily be a convex shape over the round rod. DO NOT cut the round rod in half and place the cut side out to simulate Better Backer or Grip Strip. The cut face will not release the chinking which may fail at the edges.

Note: Application over any open-cell backer is not recommended.

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