4 Home Improvement Projects Worth Your Money

Published on | Log Homes | Weatherall Company, Inc.

Home improvement projects can be intimidating. What at first seems like a small, quick job always morphs into a week-long project.

Though Remodeling’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report predicts that you won’t make your money back on any of the improvements you make to your log home, some allow you to recoup more of your expenses than others.

When prioritizing your laundry list of improvements, think about the potential return on investment (ROI). Here are four of the best bang-for-your-buck home improvement projects you can undertake.

New Windows

Of the most common home improvement projects, Remodeling found new windows (vinyl and wood) to be the third- and fourth-most recouped upscale improvement project. Almost three quarters of the costs — ranging from $15,000 to nearly $19,000 — are recouped.

There are a number of reasons the investment in new windows could be worth it. In the short-term, you can save on heating and air conditioning costs by reducing drafts and installing windows of better quality.

ENERGY Star estimates the savings to be anywhere between $27 and $465 annually. You could also qualify for a tax credit for having energy-efficient windows in your log home.

Long-term, upgraded window panes from old wood ones will last longer and prevent you from encountering wood rot and needing to replace them in the future. If you can find a style that goes with the look of your log home, it is a better option in terms of longevity.

Garage Door Replacement

In the upscale category of home improvement projects, Remodeling found a new garage door to be the top project in terms of ROI. Expect to recoup around 85% of your $3,300 investment for your log home.

Like windows, upgraded garage doors can create better insulation and keep your log home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This comes in handy especially during those winter snow storms!

When you’re looking to sell your log home, a nice garage door can also increase its curb appeal.

Upgraded Front Door

A new front door and a grand entrance (a front door in between two narrow windows) were second and fifth on the list in terms of generating the highest percentage of ROI — 78% and 70% respectively.

A new energy-efficient front door can contribute to better insulation, as well as enable you to qualify for tax credits. Fiberglass windows and doors in the main entryway can contribute to cost savings and curb appeal.

Attic Insulation

The only home improvement project on Remodeling’s list that was actually found to earn money is equipping your attic with fiberglass loose-fill insulation. The ROI for this project is more than 107%. If you have an attic in your log home, this is most certainly an upgrade you’ll want to make.

Though the project is hidden, the cost savings are not. You could save up to $6,000 every year on your heating and cooling costs, thanks to a home improvement project that averages less than $1,500.