Posted on Log Home Caulking Log Home Chinking Log Homes | Scott McCain
Stain Inspection “Where do I start?”  We hear this question a lot.  A simple way to begin your spring maintenance is to check the condition of your finish by using the water bead test.  Use a spray bottle and simply spray water directly on the logs.  If the water beads up and does not appear to p...
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How to Seal Around a Window in Your Log Cabin

Posted on | Log Home Caulking | Jim McCain
The area around a window is often not properly prepared or sealed with caulking or chinking. Many homeowners leave large gaps in the logs, giving water and insects an easy entrance into your log ho...
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How Subpar Caulking & Chinking Affects Your Log Home

Posted on | Log Home Caulking | Coleman Kelleghan
Log homes require a lot of special attention and maintenance to keep them in good condition. The amount of work to be done, especially in the beginning, can make cutting corners seem like an attrac...
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