The Best Places to Build A Log Home

Published on | Log Homes | Coleman Kelleghan

So, where are the best places to build a log home? Some might say that is a fairly subjective question; and frankly, it is. But with that in mind, it can’t be argued that there are some locations in this wonderful country of ours that would, unarguably, top the charts due to geographic amenities. Who wouldn’t want to live near mountains, lakes, streams and forests? And why not add some wildlife into the mix including antelope and deer, coyotes, moose and maybe even a bear or two, once in a blue-moon?

Nature’s beauty is universally appealing; and if a poll were taken where people were asked if they would enjoy living in a cozy, rustic cabin away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind, chances are good that many of those people would respond with a resounding, “Absolutely!!” T

hough we can’t cover them all, here are five hot-spots in America that could qualify as among “The Best Places to Build a Log Home”---in the whole world!

Gunnison County, Colorado

If you love the idea of solitude surrounded by jaw-dropping natural beauty, then pack your bags and head out west---or ‘east’, depending on where you live. With an average of 4 residents per square mile, Gunnison County is essentially the western half of Colorado; and remote wilderness is what this part of ‘Heaven’ is known for. Lakes and mountains and rambling landscape are the hallmarks of Gunnison County; and one can bet this pristine slice of geography will remain intact since 80% of the scenic landscape is protected. Attractions in Gunnison County abound, including 1) Curecanti National Recreation Area 2) Hartman Rocks and 3) Taylor Park and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

Though this part of Colorado is remote, it isn’t synonymous with ‘isolated’ since museums, the Gunnison Valley Observatory, historic sites, rustic lodges, camping, hiking, fishing, skiing and mountain-biking and more are relished by permanent residents and tourists, alike. And one more thing: log homes are plentiful here!

Black Mountain, North Carolina

If you happen to be an Andy-of-Mayberry fan then hold onto your hats because Black Mountain, North Carolina is as close to Sheriff Taylor, Aunt Bee and Opie as it gets! With a modest population of just under 8,000 residents, Black Mountain is nestled in the valley area of the Craggy Mountains. One can enjoy white-water rafting and miles of hiking trails, both of which place you in a world where stress is entirely unwelcomed!

Dubbed as “The Front Porch of Western North Carolina”, Black Mountain boasts of historic galleries, quaint shops, the Wolf Ridge Ski Resort, Chimney Rock Park and is only a 15-minute drive from its big-city counterpart, Asheville. Here festivals, arts & crafts classes, mountain music, golfing, sailing and fishing on Lake Tomahawk, concerts and The Black Mountain Center for the Arts all come together for some unparalleled down-home living!

Presque Isle, Maine

Boundless natural resources grace this part of America where picturesque farmland and rolling hills mingle with dense strips of forest and beckoning lakes! Echo Lake is trout-stocked not to mention that 2,000 lakes dot this rugged, unspoiled location where fewer than 10,000 residents call ‘home’!

If relishing the outdoors is a part of your lifestyle, you will love the abundance of snowmobiling trails and hunting and fishing opportunities! How about snowboarding or downhill skiing? Your ski dreams can be fulfilled at Big Rock Ski Resort which boasts of the highest vertical of any ski area in Northern Maine and is only a half-hour drive away. If cross-country skiing is more to your liking, Aroostook State Park offers an abundance of ski trails that are beautifully maintained! Interested in hot-air balloons? If so, you’ll feel right at home during The Crown of Maine Balloon Festival that takes place here.

As a side note, you may find this quite interesting: this community is part of one county, in all of America, where students are released from school to help bring in the fall harvest!

Harney County, Oregon

Photo enthusiasts would have a hey-day in Harney County, Oregon! Towering pines, sagebrush, lakes, streams, desert and mountains all combine to make for a picturesque backdrop for bison, moose, bighorn sheep, bears and the 7,000-plus people who live here! Living in Harney County, Oregon places its residents very near the east border of Yellowstone National Park; and in fact, Harney County shares (with Grant County) the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the entire U.S.!

Harney County can easily make one feel like the rest of the world has stood still, but don’t let the tranquility fool you! There is plenty to do in this neck of America’s woods—hiking (there are hundreds of established hike trails), trout-fishing, horseback riding, river-rafting, scenic-water tours, ice fishing, wind-surfing and snowmobiling are available for anyone who wishes to add a dash of adrenalin to an otherwise tranquil schedule!

Washington Island, Wisconsin

It is said that Washington Island, Wisconsin is a small community that is big on charm---that is an understatement! This small village is uniquely ‘island-living’ in which the island, itself, is only 35-square miles of distinctive charm! Year-round residents number a mere 700 or so. These winter-hearty islanders are a close-knit bunch who willingly combat the harsh winters every year since their love of their little place in this world is their utopia!

White-pebble shored lake areas, beautiful Schoolhouse Beach with romantic oceanfront cottages and fields emanating the sweet aromas of wheat, flax and Queen Anne’s lace only scratch the surface of the lifestyle one could get used to very easily here! Add to all that, any number of quaint eateries that are famous for their fabulous, fresh seafood along with wonderful wineries, historic sites, breath-taking sunsets and a downtown with unparalleled charm---If you want your log-home nestled in paradise, then Washington Island is for you!

Having to decide which paradise one would want to build a log home in would be very difficult; but actually living in any one of these select communities would be very easy, indeed!