Wooster - The Best Stain Brush on the Market

Published on | Log Home Stains | Coleman Kelleghan

When you want your deck or your cabin to look as though it's been stained by a professional, just any old brush won't do. Instead, you need the best stain brush that's available. Get to know the Wooster Oil & Latex Stain Brush, and learn why it's the best on the market.

A Brief History of Wooster

For over 160 years, the Wooster Brush Company has produced high-quality paint and stain brushes, making it one of the nation's oldest paint applicator manufacturers. In 1851, founder Adam Foss started the company in Wooster, Ohio, where the company is still headquartered.

Over the course of its many decades in business, Wooster has continually pioneered new brush styles and technology. For example, Wooster developed the angle sash paintbrush style, created an effective process for securing bristles in paint brushes, and first started to use nylon in brushes designed for latex paints. The company continues this innovation with its line of stain brushes.

What You Need to Know About the Best Stain Brush

The Wooster Oil & Latex Stain Brush is no ordinary applicator. It's made with a blend of gold polyester and white china bristles. The bristles measure 4 inches, and the brush has a square trim that measures 1.5 inches thick.

The brass-plated steel ferrule keeps the bristles in place, and the black solid plastic handle offers an easy and comfortable grip. The handle is even produced with recycled materials, giving the brush an environmentally friendly touch.

Why You'll Love This Stain Brush From Wooster

Rather than creating an applicator that works only with a certain kind of material, Wooster developed a brush that easily applies all types of stains, including oil and latex. Many satisfied customers rely on this brush for refinishing decks, fencing, and outdoor living spaces.

Others have come to appreciate the brush's ability to apply log home stain smoothly and evenly. In fact, if you're planning an extensive log home finishing project, you'll be happy to know that the Wooster stain brush is designed for painting large areas and siding.

What People Are Saying About the Wooster Oil & Latex Stain Brush

The reviews of the Wooster Oil & Latex Stain Brush are in, and they're very positive. Reviewers on Amazon.com consider this brush to be a grand slam. That's no surprise, because compared to other stain brushes, the 4-inch Oil & Latex Stain Brush from Wooster is miles ahead.

Whether you're constructing a new backyard deck, undergoing a log home restoration, or installing new fencing, you need the best stain brush on the market. Get the job done with the Wooster Oil & Latex Stain Brush, and you can look forward to a project that looks great and that gives you a sense of pride in the job you've done.

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